One of my favorite household chores is washing our plates after eating. Naniniwala kasi ako na after kumain, dapat tumayo muna ng matagal para bumaba agad ang kinain. hihi! That's why every after eating, ako talaga naghuhugas ng mga plato! ^_^

When it comes to dishwashing liquid, we've been using the branded one. Pag walang budget, dun muna sa maliit na pack, then lalagyan ng maraming water.  Ayos na yun basta may bula pa. hahaha!

So when a friend asked me if I want to review a dishwashing liquid, I immediately agreed. I like to try new products kasi especially for household products.

Presenting the Bubble Man Dishwashing liquid soap

I was given three variants: Antibac, Lemon, and Kalamansi

After using it for a week now, I could say I'm loving it! Why? Because it's easy to rinse and gentle on hands and most of all, it's organic!

I also use it for my daughter's feeding bottle. Dati iba ang dishwashing liquid na ginagamit ko sa mga feeding bottle ni Isabelle kasi dapat all natural or organic para di masira agad ang mga bote.  But with Bubble man, two thumbs up talaga, mabilis banlawan, walang naiiwan na amoy sa bote. 

#LoveIsAction with BubbleMan Dishwashing Liquid

Super safe gamitin di lang sa mga feeding bottles ni baby, but with our plates and other utensils too. Banayad sa kamay kaya no worries kahit 3 times a day maghugas ng plato! ^_^

When it comes to the price, it's affordable as well. For a single 270ml, it is priced at P32.50 for all variants. For 880ml, it is priced at P70.00. They also have promo packs, P55.00 for 2 bottles of 270ml and P130.00 for 2 bottles of 880ml. Super laking difference sa leading brand, very economical talaga.

As a stay at home mom, I always make sure that what we are using are clean kahit sa plato or mga utensils man yan. Two thumbs up sa Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid! 👍👍

I highly recommend Bubble Man Dishwashing liquid. It's available in local supermarkets nationwide!

Try it na mga Mommies!

You can visit their Facebook page for more updates and promos.

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