Summer just started and you can really feel the heat. What better way to cool down is to make refreshing drinks. 

Make it more jolly using some Jolly products. Let me share with you my version of Iced coffee with Jolly Grass Jelly!

It is a very simple drink yet very special. Perfect for afternoon coffee break. Oh yes, you can still drink it in morning and evening. Coffee lover tayo eh! ^_^


1/4 cup Jolly Grass Jelly, cut into small cubes
1 sachet of Instant Coffee (I used Creamy Latte)
3/4 cup hot water and 1/4 cold water (or vice versa)
Ice cubes
Whipped cream

  1. Cut the Grass jelly into small pieces. Set aside
  2. Mix 1 sachet instant coffee into 3/4 cup hot water and 1/4 cold water
  3. Add some iced cubes, the more the merrier!
  4. Scoop heaping spoons of grass jelly
  5. Add whipping cream on top
  6. Topped with chocolate syrup 
Iced Coffee with Jolly Grass Jelly!
Jolly Good!!!

Do try it na mga bes! Cheers...^_^

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  1. I love ICED COFFEE!

    But you might want to try to the Iced Tea with Carnation Condensed Milk!
    I've tasted this in Singapore - they call it Teh-C there (tea + C for carnation i think).

    Subukan nyo lang po.

    PS: Do not use an iced tea mix. Use "tea" as in tea talaga.

    1. Thanks for sharing this Jhe. I will try it soon! :D

  2. iced coffee is the bomb but this just adds even more sweetness to it. LOVE


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