Breakfast is the first meal taken after rising from a night's sleep.
Here in the Philippines, we call it "agahan" or "almusal".

bonggang breakfast....

simpleng agahan...

May bonggang breakfast, may simpleng agahan at minsan walang almusal...hahahaha...

As you all know, I'm an avid reader and follower of Bo Sanchez.

One of his talks from the Feast series "Biggest Winner - Eat!" encouraged me to
"FRUITIFY my breakfast"...

What is the meaning of this? :-D

I do my own research about eating fruits for breakfast, and here are my discoveries:
  1. Fruits are rich with Fiber, Vitamins, Minerals and Enzymes.
  2. "Fruits for breakfast is the perfect way to break the overnight  fast" - meaning, gumagaan ang trabaho ng ating digestive system if we ate fruits first.
  3. "People who eat fruit only for breakfast have been shown to be leaner, healthier and more productive during their day".
For me, I do it slowly. Fruits today, tocilog or bread tomorrow, then fruits again the following day...
But I hope by next month, ma-fulfill ko na ang fruitify breakfast challenge ko. This time, everyday na...
Minsan kasi natutukso pa din ako ni tocino at hotdog eh...#angsarapkasi #lol
But for a healthier me this year, I know I can do it! #TuksoLayuanMoAko #hahaha

With that mga friendship, I would like to share the video from the series "Biggest Winner- Eat!"

Learn and enjoy watching!


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  1. I totally agree that it will be healthier to have fruits for breakfast but mind you, not too easy to do. First, we always ran out of fruits and second, I get acidic or too full when I eat a banana right after breakfast.

  2. that's right sis. Kaya what I'm doing is slowly but surely. I hope mgawa ko na fruits lang talaga for breakfast. :-D

  3. additional to that,,fruits is also expensive guys..;)
    But if there's a will there’s always a way..;)
    Love yourself first and fruitify your breakfast.

  4. Interesting. Unfortunately, I rarely eat breakfast. :/

  5. Someone once told me eat fruits first especially int he morning. Thanks for reminding me. I should start with that. :)

    1. that's right sis..start it soon for a healthier you. :-D

  6. I'll start doing this tomorrow...=)..I will buy and eat nalang ung seasonal fruits para mas mura...=)

    1. korek sis..mostly apple, banana,papaya and orange ang marami ngayon. let's fruitify...hehe...

  7. I have hear that to Vic Sotto.. He often does that,he eats fruit first in the morning.. hmmm so it has explaination pala.hihi

    1. that's right sis. kaya nga when I knew the benefits of fruits, I do it na rin. hehe...

  8. i didnt watch na the video you attached, sis Lally, but i think i already watched this. i'm not a catholic but i like Bro Bo's books. Yan ba ung video where he said na no to process foods and brown rice only?

    1. yes sis...marami syang diniscuss sa video eh..ang main topic is fruitify and vegefy...:-D


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