Two years ago, I challenged myself not to eat chocolates for 30 days, and I did it. yahoo....:-D

At that time, I felt I am the most disciplined woman. hihi...
Imagine, hindi ako kumain ng chocolate for 1 month.
Being a sweet tooth person, I always munch something sweet specially chocolates. 
Kaya naman, I am proud of myself.  ♥

Now, it's challenge time again...

So what will I give up this time???

That's right mga friendship, SOFTDRINKS, also known as Soda or carbonated beverage.

Someone told me that a can of softdrink contains more or less 8 teaspoons of granulated white sugar .
#OhmyGee #angtamis

No nutrients at all, magkaka diabetes pa tayo. Kaya water-water na lang pag may time. hahaha...

Actually, I started this challenge last January 5 pa, until now I haven't consume softdrinks yet..yipee..
BIG CLAP for me...

Hopefully, I can continue this 30 days challenge to 1 year or much better Forever...#lol
hmm...may cheat day naman eh...#LolUlit...:-D

HEALTH is wealth., we all know that.
But we should do something to be healthier, that's why I'm doing this.

On my next post, I will share to you about  my "fruitify breakfast".

God bless!


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  1. Hi Lally! Thanks for visiting my blog :). Naku, weakness ko yang softdrink, particularly Coke. My meal is not complete without Coke. I tried minimizing my intake though and hopefully get rid of that habit na. Goodluck!

  2. thank you also Ms. Badet for visiting my blog...that's right, it's time to minimize softdrinks..haha...

  3. Hi Lally, wow good job! I also have a sweet tooth especially with chocolates! I'm not sure if I can do that. haha! For softdrinks, I can work on not drinking but my husband could not. He can't live without Coke, especially when we're dining out.

  4. Good luck on your 30 day challenge! I have read somewhere you can establish a habit within 21 days, so I am very sure you will be soda free for life :) I am not really into softdrinks because I am acidic. I should challenge myself to stop coffee lol I drink them in pots!

  5. You can do proud of you,I hope I could give up soft drinks too...

  6. Thank you mommies for the encouragement. I know I can do this....:D

  7. i can live for 30 days without chocolates and soda but not junkfood! but ill try. Go sis! sana masabayan kita sa challenge. :)

  8. go go go! kayang kaya yang no softdrink for 1month! :)

  9. @Edel, I'm also trying to lessen junk food. tara, sabay tayo...hehe..
    @nerisa, thank you for the encouragement. ♥♥♥

  10. wow. that's good sis.. Hmmm I have to think my own challenge to my sleep too I guess..You can do it sis..

  11. I try minimizing softdrink intake too because first, it's fattening :-) and second, add up to the bills when eating out :-) Hope you win your challenge :-)

  12. Good luck on your 30-day challenge sis! I'm pretty sure you'll see it through til the end of the 30 days, maybe even after that. Softdrinks really are no good for the body anyway, though a few sips every now and then won't hurt. ;)


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