Before I was a Mom, I only think of myself and Ryan. Kaya kahit gumimik  till the wee hours pwede. hehe..
Laging nakiki-sleep over sa mga friends, madalas out of town especially if may extra budget.

But things really changed when Rylee came. Well, after 7 years dumating si Rylee kaya I think sawa na kami sa gimik at sleep-over. hehe..

When I became a mom, I became selfless. Totoo pala yun mga friendship. Kasi dati ang haba ng sleeping hours ko, now konti na lang..haha...especially when I just gave birth to Rylee. 24 hours ata akong gising cause I am breastfeeding her. oh di ba selfless yun. ang hirap kaya ng kulang sa tulog. hihi...

When I became a mom, I became more emotional. I admit emo-emo na ako noon pa, pero dumoble ata ngayon. Especially when Rylee is sick. Super nakakaawa naman kasi talaga lalo na pag may injection or papainumin ng gamot na ayaw nya ang lasa,. Ako ang umiiyak.

When I became a mom, I memorized all nursery songs na gusto ni Rylee. Itsy bitsy spider nga di ko pa kabisado noon eh. hahaha....Now kabisado ko na lahat. #proudofmyself #lol

I am a MOMMY now!
And I'm LOVING it!

Sana may baby number 2 pa.#lol


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  1. Hi Mommy Lally, congratulations on your motherhood. Rylee is one lucky child for having a mom like you :-)

  2. super relate.. kapag naging nanay ka nothing is more na pwede mo ipagpalit :) kudos to us :) Merry Christmas

  3. Happy New Year to you and your family and Cheers to us MOMS!


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