As a working mom, I always look forward for weekends because these are the days I get to spend quality time to my baby. Ganun pala ang feeling pag mommy na, gusto ko sana lagi ako nasa tabi ni baby, to witness her everyday milestones. Pero I need to work to provide for our needs, I need to help my husband to meet both ends, especially now that we have a family. ( I'm praying that work at home opportunity will come na)

Kaya every weekends, especially during Sundays, we see to it na may family bonding kami, kahit konti lang ang budget gora pa din. We usually go to Feast Bacoor or PICC or Ortigas then malling. #pasyalpasyalpagmaytime  
Rylee the explorer ang peg ni baby. hehe..#alamnapaglaki #lol

Indeed, nothing can exchange the bond that we have on our children; it will not be based on the material things that we will give to them but on the quality time and love that we will provide.



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  1. super true. parang weekends are super sagrado kasi family time.

  2. korek sis...dapat for family time lang ang weekends..kahit sa house lang or outside i-spend as long as sama sama. pag working mom kasi yun lang ang time natin na mas mahaba ang oras kay baby at kay hubby..hehe...

  3. I can feel you Muther! I want to stay home nalang sana. :)

  4. thank you mommy Jen for reading my blog...time will come, magiging work or stay at home na din tayo. we will not give up. In God's time..:-D


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