It is 21 years and counting for Bioessence, a well known brand in the Philippines beauty and wellness industry. Famous for its facials, slimming and spa services, it is the company's advocacy to share the wellness to everyone with more than 37 branches nationwide.

As part of the brand's continuing commitment to give value and care to the wellness of their clients, Bioessence lauched their newest Professional Product Lines last April 22 at The Beech in Quezon Ave. Most of the guests were in Blue and White attire as it is the motiff of the product!

The Mommy Bloggers in the Bioessence product line launch! 

The Professional Product lines comes in four (4) sets specifically made to give solution to four basic skin care requirements:

1. BIOLITE -  specially formulated with VITAMIN C and other innovative ingredients that help in Color Control, Skin Clarity and Skin Moisturization as it removes skin impurities and excess oils.

2. PREVENTAGE - enriched with Black Oat Seet extract and Lecithin which helps improve skin hydration that brings softer and brighter skin with a youthful glow. The perfect arsenal to battle the signs of ageing.

3. DERM-AGE - formulated using the technical breakthrough ReGeniStem. It uses Red Rice and a combination of botanical Polysaccharide and nano-ized Collagen that provide maximum moisturizing effect to the skin. Best suited for aged skin to help keep it supple and bar further skin damage.

4. ACNETROL - acne control at its finest. Your skin's best defense against breakouts and excess oils with powerful yet proven safe ingredients like sulphur, salicyclic acid and clindamycin,

As Dr. Emma Guerrero says, "the Filipino skin is unique in such a way that products should be '. developed specifically for them considering the tropical climate that our skin is normally exposed to". The multi awarded President of Bioessence also believes that the Filipinos are such world class talents that they can produce for their own use something they can be very proud of and can compete in efficacy and quality with international brands.

With the tagline "Caring Beyond Beauty", the brand truly resonates with a mission that goes deeper beyond making the skin beautiful, but putting love and care every step of the way not just in their renowned treatments but in their own products as well. As per Dr. Guerrero, "we believe that beauty is such a big word. When we say beautiful, it should go beyond the physical. When we care it should go beyond the feeling. Caring beyond beauty is our way to send our message of caring more: for your skin, your wellness, for your fellow Filipino's livelihood, for the community and for the Earth". Dr. Guerrero, a fierce advocate of environmental awareness understand that to be beautiful means doing what is beautiful for the environment as well, which is proven by how conscious they are of the materials they use and renew-ability of ingredients they put with every product. "Beauty and caring should go hand in hand, and is a responsibility to the self and everything around you".

It is with all these in mind that they have developed these wonderfully made products that will help give every Filipino their best and healthiest skin. Truly master crafted by talented Filipino artisan with the latest breakthrough in skin care technology, these four new professional skin care lines, Biolite, Preventage, Dermage and Acnetrol are sure to set the new standards and bring real CARE into skin care.

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