Last Tuesday, we had dinner (post birthday celebration of daddy Ryan)  in the newly renovated 
The Old Spaghetti House in Valero, Makati.

The last time we went here, I think, mga last year pa, medyo madilim ang ambiance. 
I prefer the setting now, mas maraming lights, mas maraming decors. 
It's not that I'm biased ha, I know kasi the Designer..
I will now photo blog to give you proofs..hihi..:-D

I love these frames especially the one with quote " Eat Well and Travel Often!"

"Follow your Dreams and Today I am Thankful!

These stairs are my favorite, "Good Friends, Good Food, Good Times"
Very unique right? #stairwaytoheaven :-D
 Of course, hindi mawawala ang photo-ops sa magandang hagdanan...hihi..:-D

Love it!

Good friend and good time with Cathy! :-D

this shot is from that stairs too...ganda di ba...:-D
Happy birthday poster in our background...

Kuya Mike and Ate Cai

daddy Ryan, Me and Cathy
TOSH background is super cute and unique too...

feeling relax kami ni Cathy....
feeling Donya naman ako dito..
ang ganda ng couch..gusto ko na nga i-uwi eh..haha...

grabbed from TOSH FB page

 TOSH have Trio treats in their menu, it consists of 1 appetizer, 1 pasta and 1 pizza and a pitcher of    Iced tea.  We ordered 2 sets of Trio, All Meat and Seafood, this is perfect for groupies. :-D

This is Pasta Negra (P160/servings), a must-try dish, the one and only black ink pasta, (from squid's ink maybe, hehe) , it tastes super good, that's why we ordered 2 more servings #hindipokamimatakaw 

So if you visit one TOSH branch, don't forget to try it. It is also included in the Seafood Trio treats:-D

Another thing that caught my attention is this mason jar:

It has many uses pala, here they used it for their utensils.
Very presentable when they served it to their guest.
Super like!

Well, the designs are unique and pretty because it was done by my sister in law- Cai Gonzales.
If you are looking for a Design Consultant, just message me and I will refer you to her. :-D

pretty TOSH facade!

For more information, please visit TOSH Facebook Page.

Disclosure: This is not an sponsored post, all views and opinion expressed herein are all from the blogger's point of view.


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  1. Love the writings on the stairs! :) I've tried TOSH before but it was a long time ago. I forgot already if I liked it or not haha. I should go try it again to refresh my memory :)

  2. Lally!!! I'm near Valero lang! :) I'll try this one out one of these days! :)

  3. Haven't been to TOSH. I like to try the trio treats, look so delish :)

  4. I love the quirky decor and I love what they did with the stairs! I have planned to do something like that in our future home, so cute!

  5. This is owned by a friend! I like how they revamped it - from the menu to the new ambiance!

  6. first time i tried TOSH was a few years ago when my brother and I had dinner in Galleria. I liked the old set up before it got renovated. It used to be more cozy and warm. And I really enjoy their food :)

  7. I love TOSH! I haven't visited since they renovated in Market Market though. We used to go to the one in Alabang, did they all renovate their branches?

    1. Yes, they are planning to renovate it one at a time I think. That is according to my sister in law. :-D

  8. Oh I like the new look of TOSH! The old one kasi felt like you were inside a brick oven, diba? Haha at least the Festival Mall branch felt that way to me. I wonder tuloy if they renovated na also. I've not been there in ages!

    1. Their branch in Festival mall was renovated already. You should visit soon..hehe..:-D

  9. I love TOSH! My husband and I used to have our dinner dates in their branch in Katipunan. I like their Pasta Negra too while my hubby likes Kid's Spaghetti. :) Thank you for sharing!

  10. Oo nga! TOSH in Valera was renovated. And I agree, the last time we were there it was kinda dim nga. Hindi masayang kumain. Hehehehe! I think we should pay it a visit to see the new TOSH for ourselves.

  11. Love the facade best! :) Will try nga their Pasta Negra soon.

  12. Yummy! will try this sa SM cebu :)

  13. Oh wow, I love their new look! The place looks cozy and inviting! If I pass by a newly renovated TOSH I'll definitely drag my husband inside. Haha!

  14. I love TOSH and I love squid ink pasta. I haven't tried TOSH's version of that, though.

  15. I've tried TOSH a few years ago, they really had reasonable servings and i love their ambience (before the rennovations and everything). :)


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