In case you missed my previous post about our Bohol tour, you can read it here:
Bohol Day 1
Bohol Day 2

Bohol Day 3 started very early. 4am pa lang gising na kami. hehe..
Excited kaming makita ang mga dolphins...yehey..

pardon our bagong gising look...hehe :-D

We rode pump boat for this island hopping.
Mahilo hilo kami sa dagat, ang lakas kasi ng alon. waah...

But it is worth it when we saw the dolphins. Grabe ang saya pala makita sila sa mismong dagat. haha...
eto po ang video...

M4V02490 from Lally Ruth Gonzales on Vimeo.

Sorry medyo maalog din ang pag record, told you maalon eh...hehe...
As per our bangkero, from 5am to 8am daw usually lumalabas ang mga dolphins.

After that, we went to Balicasag Island.
We snorkeled to see fishes and turtle. Ang hirap pala mag snorkeling. Hindi ako sanay huminga using my mouth. hahaha...:-)

We ate our lunch in the boat, another new experience for us. Boodle fight lang ang peg. haha..
10:30 am pa lang nag lunch na kami. Nagutom kami agad. lol...

After that, we went to Balut island. Ang ganda dito, ayoko na nga umalis eh.
I don't know why it is called Balut Island, but it is definitely a place to visit.
This is the proof:

Pure white sand in the middle of the sea, if low tide na, magkaka sand na sya,
then submerges again during high tide, parang magic lang. :-D

family picture here....

with the barkada

pinaubaya ko na sa mga bata ang mag 2 piece...hihi...

pardon my big tummy..busog lang

Right after that, we headed toVirgin Island,  a beautiful sandbar in Panglao.
Another spot na maipagmamalaki nating mga pinoy.
We learned that if low tide na, parang naging dalawang island sya. ang ganda talaga, promise.

parang ganito oh....
this is Chipy, one of my Barkada
pa low tide na kaya slowly lumalabas ang sand bar. 
Astig right? :-D

That time, most of us stayed na lang sa bangka kasi sobrang init na ng araw and
si Rylee nag tantrums na napagod na din kaka swim. hehe..
We left the island around 1pm.

Another tiring but happy day for us.
I'm proud of our tourist spots like those Islands.
Maybe your wandering how much nagastos namin on this island hopping...hmmm..
We have a friend kasi na Boholano, siya na lahat nakipag deal sa bangka and others na dapat bayaran.
In short, discounted lahat. haha.

Up next, relax relax na day 4 :-)


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  1. bohol! my sister went there! next time kami naman ni hubby :)

  2. Mukhang fun in the sun! Mukhang antok pa si baby sa first photo. Pero masaya to see dolphins, kelangan talaga ma-videohan.

    1. korek sis, sa bangka na nagising si baby..hehe...Once in a lifetime lang kami makakita ng dolphin kaya dapat mai-record. :-D

  3. Wow! How nice naman diyan but if I were in the boat and maalon, I think I'll have a heart attack lalo if kasama ang aming 3 boys, waaah!

    Bohol is in the bucket list, will definitely check out Balut Island.:)

    1. I almost have a heart attack sis May, but our friend assured us na safe naman sa boat, mas malakas daw ang alon every July, lagpas daw talaga sa boat. Sa amin kasi tumatabingi lang naman yung boat although may katig naman...waah...:-D

  4. I've never been to Bohol. Looks so nice in your photos. Hope to be able to visit it someday :)

  5. Bohol is a great place to visit that's why I was saddened by the damages of the earthquake.

  6. saya ng dolphins! and I hope hindi ka nadala with snorkeling, after a while parang normal breathing lang din naman :) here's to more fun trips!

    1. Masaya talaga sis...hehe...tumitili kami every time na makikita namin ang mga dolphins..haha...Sa snorkeling naman, medyo takot ako kasi ang lalim ng dagat, kahit may vest pa..ahehe...gusto ko pa din mag snorkeling.masasanay din ako :-D

  7. Wow, dolphins! I need to put that on my bucket list. I didn't realize Bohol had dolphins on its turf ha!

  8. oh my its such a beautiful place. I am pretty sure my family will enjoy the boat while watching the dolphins. I dont think i am gonna try snorkeling kasi nakakatakot. haha.

  9. I love Bohol! I hope one day, I could go back with my little one. :)

  10. I have been to Bohol too and the same exact itinerary except the balut island. The dolphins were really amazing no?! I loved them too when I saw one little dolphin jumped. Also the virgin island is great. Lucky when we reached virgin island, it's not too hot so mejo nakatagal kami ng slight. Did you walked along the sand bar until the end?

    1. my friends walked into the sand bar until the end. kami sa unahan lang..di ko keri ang init...baka kirara na ako pagbalik ng Manila. hahaha...

  11. I hope we can visit Bohol soon. Ang ganda ng island

  12. I've been to Bohol four times, but I've never gone on a Dolphin Watching boat ride. I just can't get myself to wake up early. Haha!

  13. We also woke up that early to see the dolphins when we were in Bohol. I think ganun talaga sila kaaga lumalabas

  14. I was lucky enough to spot a lot of dolphins when my family and I visited Bohol. The beaches are beautiful!

  15. The place is breathtaking! I hope that we'll be able to experience going to Bohol! :)

  16. Beautiful beach! Glad you enjoyed it!

  17. Ang ganda ng bohol Lally! I really loved the photos. :) Talagang the best place to travel is around the Philippines.

  18. Wow! Nice pics. Haven't been to Bohol yet, ganda pala. This should be next on my local travel list :)

  19. OMG! your excitement over the dolphins is everywhere! kakakilig (at the same kakainggit) you're experience. I wanna see dolphins too :)


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