Another week-end to remember was last February 23. Let me tell you why?
Well, halata naman sa blog title ko. hehe..

Yes, mga friendship, natuloy din ang matagal na naming plan to go to Tagaytay!
We live in Bacoor so it's just a bus ride going to Magallanes Square particularly.
Dun kasi over-looking ang Taal Volcano, maraming choices ng Restaurant and along the high way din.

We left our house around 3pm, we arrived in Magallanes Square mga 4:30pm. Lapit lang di ba...hehe...

Kulitan sa bus...:-D

Pagbaba namin ng bus, wow.."centralized aircon"...hahaha...
We thought hindi na masyadong malamig since summer na, but we were wrong.
We did not bring jacket or balabal, pero syempre dinala ko ang sweater ni Rylee..^_^

Ang ganda talaga ng Taal Volcano, kaya naman di kami nagsawa magpicture-picture.


with the fambam...ang hangin sa

Rylee the mowdel...:-D

We can also see na happy si Rylee, she kept on running, nakikipaglaro sa daddy nya.

We are happy when Rylee is happy...:-D

Then come dinner time, we went to Leslie's Restaurant because of their famous Bulalo.
Yun naman talaga ang dinadayo sa kanila. We would also like to try their fried Tawilis, but at that time, sold out na.
Kaya we order na lang Pinakbet con Lechon Kawali.

mainit na sabaw ng bulalo...yum..yum...
After dinner we had coffee and hot choco sa coffee shop beside Leslie's.
After that, dahil nginig na nginig na kami sa lamig, we went home na.
We were full of happy memories at that time. Ang sarap ulitin.
Indeed, the best things in life are spent with the Family.



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