Time flies so fast, Rylee is 15 months already.
It's like kahapon ko lang sya pinanganak. hehe..

Now, she is super daldal na, salitang Chinese at Korean na may halong English at Filipino ang dialect nya. hahaha...#joke

Kidding aside, she can say na ball, ba-bye, amen and favorite expression nya is WOW.
Nakakatuwa at nakaka inspire. Ang sarap kausapin kasi lahat ng sinasabi namin, ginagaya nya.

Hopefully, when she's 2 years old na, mas fluent na sya magsalita. :-D

I have here a video showing how daldal Rylee is. :-D


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  1. Hahhaha..Ivy also is sooo daldal too, sobrang ..dami tanong

  2. I think being madaldal usually comes with a happy family, when the child is confident and secured. Good job mommy :-)

    1. oh wow..flattered naman ako..thank you mommy Lani. :-D

  3. Aww.. I can feel the happiness. New Mom din kasi ako! I can't wait na my baby can talk na din! :) so excited..


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