*The title of this blog post was inspired from Mommy Rina's post which you can read here.

Someone told me that a dream is a wish that our heart makes.
I super AGREE! ♥

I admit I have lots of dream that is planted in my heart.
One of that is to become a MILLIONAIRE....#GrandLottoWinner :-D

Matagal-tagal na bilangan yan...hehehe...

Seriously, what Ryan and I would do if we become a Millionaire?

We will give the 10% to Church, and Foundation like Sagip Kapamilya and other religious communities like Anawim and Light of Jesus.

Pay all our debts and loans including our current housing loan from Pag-ibig.

Buy a new house preferably in Ayala Southvale. I find it secure and tahimik. One of my Tita own a house here kaya it became one of my fantasies..hehe...

Own a condo unit in Tivoli Garden Residences in Mandaluyong. I'm a fan of DMCI condominiums. 
I love their resort like facilities. The area is also the at the center of Metro Manila, near sa Makati and Quezon City. :-D

Have a family car, simple lang ang gusto kong sasakyan...
We will call her Avie Avanza...lol..

Travel..we would like to go first to Boracay, it has been our long time dream to go there.

Then, of course, Hongkong Disneyland, favorite ni Rylee si Mickey at Minnie Mouse.
This time, with the whole family and close friends..bongga..haha..

Invest in the stock market. We are now stock holders of Jollibee, ehem..hehe..
But we would love to add more investments for our retirement and for the future of our kids.

We will also invest for business, our plan is to have apartments for rent.
That way, may monthly income na for the family :D

We will also share it to our families and friends..balato ika nga....hahaha...
Of course, sharing will attract more blessings! :-D

These are all our fantasies if ever we become millionaire.
But the True Millionaires prayer is this:

The fact is, we should work hard to be able to reach our dreams.
Swertehan lang talaga pag nanalo sa lotto. hehe..
Thus, we should not rely on lotto or raffle prizes alone.
To achieve success is to believe that we are able to do it. It doesn't come to you, you go for it.
As the saying said: "Sipag at tiyaga, may nilaga."

How about you, if you will become a millionaire, how are you going to spend it? :-D


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  1. I always imagine myself becoming a billionaire and securing my children's financial future. It is always them that I think about. We do not bet on lotto, though, hehe. It's addictive to get into those things.

    1. that's right sis. Kaya bihira din ako tumaya sa lotto. Better na paghirapan ang pera. hehe..

  2. Pareho tayo sis Lally mayron akong ganito. Di pa man nanalo sa lotto or lucky to have this in the future eh naka-plot na lahat ng gagawin.. hehe :-) Pero now I am wiser, spend less to non important things and feeling ko this year suwerte talaga kami magasawa. To God always be the Glory.


    1. True sis. This will be our break through year! :-D

  3. What I'll do with the money? Here's my list.
    Ayvan's educational plan
    Invest in Stock Market
    Franchise - preferably FOOD.


    1. nice plan mommy Jen...all for the future of our family..♥♥♥

  4. A new house, a new auto...probably an SUV, travel Europe and save money! We have pretty much the same plan, Lally.

  5. It is good that you are venturing in the stock market. Are you in Bo's Club, sis? Jollibee is not in the SAM table anymore (I think it is overpriced...)

    1. I'm not a member na in Truly Rich Club eh. EIP kasi yung sa Jollibee kaya monthly yun ang lagi namin binibili. Stockmarket has bigger interest kasi especially if it's long term...♥

  6. I always wanted to be a blessing to others and support fully a Foundation (Anamim and Grace to be born). Enjoy life as it own way. Invest and save enough money to enjoy a comfortable retirement. ;)

    1. agree with you Joan..Invest and save. that's the key! ♥

  7. A New House for my nanay and tatay,Car for them,College Education for my younger siblings and Business...

    1. that's a good investment too. And we all share it to our family. .♥

  8. I love your post! At least you're declaring your dreams to the universe and that's the first step, to have a dream! Congrats in advance, I know you will achieve them anytime soon!

    If I will become a millionaire, I would invest more in stocks, insurance, put up a business, donate and of course to travel around the world. :)

    1. Thank you Sally. That's right I'm declaring it to attract positivity. hehe...Go for millions..:-D

  9. I used to travel a lot when I was single. If I were a millionaire, I'd go back to traveling -- this time with my family since we haven't gone to a lot of places yet.

    And, of course, I'd like to give to the church and "adopt" an orphanage. :)

  10. I too would want to share my millions with relatives and those who are really in need. I've always dreamed of being a millionaire and I imagine the smiles of those people when I share them the blessings. Who wouldnt? :-)

    1. that's right sis. libre naman ang mangarap and dreams do come true..:-D

  11. super thumbs up sa tithing :) God will bless us more if we give back :)


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