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My supplier for cake and cupcakes is the same with my supplier for kiddie salon and Candy bar.
Actually, kiddie salon and candy bar is ensogo promo, since may cake and cupcakes sila na ino-offer, 
sila na din ang kinuha ko to avoid additional expense on the transportation fee that almost all suppliers are asking. 

Na-stress drilon din ako dito ah...kasi ba naman 3pm na, wala pa yung kiddie salon which is supposed to be part ng activities ng mga bata while waiting for the program to start. Hindi tuloy masyadong na maximize ang kiddie salon. 

Anyways, they arrived mga past 4 na...imbey na yan...dedmadela na lang andyan na naman sila eh....hehe! ( Super apologize naman si Ms. Mhags kaya keriboom na!)

This is the candyland themed cake, hmmm,, di masyadong na-achieved yung design na gusto namin pero masarap sya..promise!

Sa cupcake naman, na-achieved naman ang design, candycrush kasi ang peg nito...
and masarap din sya..promise ulit! lol...

These are the candies included in the candy bar:

gummy candies

choco balls



 Blockbuster ang candy bar, so happy natuwa ang mga kids at kids at heart!

Kiddie salon..
ganda naman ni jinkay..:-D

Lootbags - from Divilandia

Since non-character ang theme namin, ang lootbags namin iba-ibang character..haha..magulo ba? lol..

This is what I mean...

Iba-ibang characters ng lootbags for girls and boys, with toys and candies inside.

Lootbags distribution...

Mascot - from Event Access

Dahil hindi nga pwede si Jollibee as our mascot, I looked for another mascot, it serves as additional entertainment din kasi. My savior is Ms. Sahra of Event access. Imagine, friday ko sya inask if may available mascot sya, buti na lang meron, pina-booked ko na agad si Minnie mouse. Hindi na nga sya nag-ask ng downpayment eh.  Maaga din ang staff nya sa event kahit medyo later part pa ng program lalabas si mascot. 
clap..clap..clap! very good!

Pinagkaguluhan si Minnie mouse ng mga bata at isip

wacky pose with the whole gang!

Mhads Candyland - facebook page -Mhad's candyland
Events Access facebook page - Events Access
Sahra Curay website - Sahra Curay

Happy birthday Rylee!

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